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 The Mingo-McEwen Fund founded in 1997 is a non-profit charity that raises and distributes funds to worthy organizations and individuals that may require extra funding to buy special equipment that is not covered by their budget or any other government agency.

The Fund was started after two families  (Mingo & McEwen) found each other in the Children's Hospital at the same time. (InThe Beginning ,from this chance meeting the Fund was born, with first a Colleigiate Hockey game and now with a Golf Tournament.

Thanks to you We Made IT!!!

The 21st Annual Mingo-McEwen Fund Golf Tournament  held at the WindMill Point Golf Club in Ile Perrot, Quebec will be the last.  The  Golf Tournament on July 8th generated enough pledges to lift us over our stated goal of $1,000,000 we had set for ourselves over 24 years ago starting with our Charity Hockey  Events with the John Abbott Islanders.

The Mingo-McEwen family wishes to thank everyone who donated their time, money or advice over the 24 years to help us do our job better.

We would also like to thank the hundreds of volunteers who helped out at the events over the 24 years, without them we would not of been able to do as much.

Going forward look for us to do some stand alone charity events.


Some of the needs we have been able to supply are special beds for burn victims, surgical drills and also a room for the parents of the children who are in the Montreal Children's Hospital Neurological Ward. In 2015 we also saw the completion of the new Children's Hospital for which we pledged funds to build a room that would have space for the parents to stay with their children.

The Fund has also provided funds to build a room in the West Island Palliative Care Unit, funds to help the Cheshire Foundation revamp their facility and a recreation and games room at the Veterans Hospital.

This year (2018) we were able to allocate to our benefificiaries over $20, 000. This brings our 20 year fund raising totals to over $920,000.
                  PTSD Service Dog Donation

 Earlier this year the Mingo-McEwen Fund donated $45,000 to the Wounded Warriors PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Service Dog Program, Anne Miles a supporter of the Mingo-McEwen Fund and the former Mayor of Baie d’Urfe also gave $15,000 to make it a $60,000 total donation to support this initiative to help Veterans cope with PTSD. A video of the cheque presentation was taken by CTV and you can see it at this link. (Adobe Flash pluggin is required). More information on the Wounded Warriors and the PTSD Service Program is available on their Web Page .