The proceeds from the ticket sales and other fund raising activities at this game allowed the Islanders to raise $5324.00 which was then used to purchase items for
the Montreal Children's Hospital Neuroscience Ward. These items were on a "Wish List" which was provided by the staff. Below is a list of what was brought to the them by some of the Islanders and Brent.


four televisions 
four VCRs 
two Gameboys with four games (and
two glider rocking chairs 
five strollers 
three highchairs 
one infant swing 
two playpens 
one infant car seat 
three ceiling fans 


three standing fans 
two bike helmets 
thirty-five video cassettes 
ten audio cassettes 
"Little Tykes" pic-nic table 
two basketball nets for the physio
one easel and drawing paper 
twenty four night lights 
one Polaroid camera plus film for 110
one radio/cassette player for the office 
a video storage cabinet 


In response to the donated items, a letter (which was signed by the staff) was sent to Coach McEwen on June 11, 1997. The text of the letter follows:

Dear Bob,

On behalf of all the patients & families, the staff of 7C2 would like to thank you for your generous contributions. We are well aware of the time, energy and commitment required by yourself and the players in both the hockey fund raising game and all the subsequent shopping and organizing of the items.

The outcome of this will be felt for a long time by those who spend time on 7C2. We have so much now to offer the children and families that we feel certain that their stay will be a little less difficult. It also provided an important boost to the individuals who work here providing the care. Knowing that others are willing to invest that much energy into improving our environment and facilities is something very special.

Attached you will find a list (complete we hope) of the items donated because we find it very important to see how successful you and your players have been. Please let all the participants know how grateful we are and that we will ensure that the children and families are aware of how we came to have these items.


(Signed by 19 staff members)

Stinger Sport 
Fraser Sport 
Don MacIntosh 
Linda Conway Tupperware 
Centre Therese Casgrain 
Carrol Connor 
McGill Hockey School 
Bryhill Farm 
Wendy Whyte of Avon 
Mrs. Pine - Regal 
Concordia Hockey School 
Steve Mitchel Hockey School 
Marty d'Orsonnens 
Chalet Rooster 
Macdonald College Athletics 
Queen Elizabeth Hotel