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Well it had to happen, for the first eight years we were blessed with sunny skies and warm temperatures, this year was a little different.



The Winners

The big winners of the day were our beneficiaries,  but we also presented the trophies for the winners of the Tournament, John McCarthy & son who was filling in for Dana Smith, Dollard Leblanc, and Michel Mercure.


Cheque Presentations

Cheque for over $20,000 was given to the Montreal Children's Hospital.

Everyone who showed up still had a memorable day. They can now say I was there the year it rained and rained and rained!!


Most Honorable Foursome

Unseating our perennial winners, Kendra & Tracy Griffiths, Stephen George and Silvia Latour, of the Most Honorable foursome was Terry Lane, Penny Lane, Stacy Purcell and Andrew Pincombe, better luck next year Kendra.

Cheque presentation to the Veterans Hospital.

Cheques were also given out to the West Island Palliative Care Centre, Mellissa's Sunshine Camp, The Fab Four and Procure.

Even though not everyone participated the MMF was still able to raise over $47,000 and the money is still trickling in so we may even make the $50,000 mark. All of our beneficiaries wish to thank everyone of our golfers and sponsors for their continued support.

For those of you who did not get to see all of the holes this is what the rest of the course looks like.


Hole #6 closest to the pin sponsored by Killick Fisheries was won by Jim Beauchamp's.

Hole #7 the longest drive for women sponsored by Millennium Golf was won by Kelly Quinn.

Hole #8 closest to the pin sponsored by Liquide X Sports was won by Joe Comitiogiani.

Hole #11 closest to the pin sponsored by Killick Fisheries was won by Mike Quinn.

Hole # 14 the Toonie toss was won by Brian Mitchell.

Hole #14 the Billy Rowan Closest to the line was won by Michel D'Aoust.

Hole #16 closest to the pin sponsored by Nerds on site was won by Jim Beauchamp's.

Hole #18 Menes longest drive sponsored by Cunningham's Pub was won by Alex Aubie.

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