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                                                                                               "IN THE EYES OF MARY"

It is 5:30 Friday morning July,20, 2001. I wake up feeling the hot summer day already heating up the bedroom. I roll over and smile. Great! Sunshine, no rain on this special day. Already we are off to a good start, (not that the rain would have made any difference in the events to take place, but certainly the sunshine would add to the happiness of this great day).

Somewhere in Greenfield Park a young boy is waking, or maybe he hasn't even slept due to the excitement growing inside him the day he waits for all year long has arrived. His name is Brent Mingo, today once again, for the third consecutive year, there will be a golf tournament in his honour to raise money.

I take my shower and get ready. This is a big day. Lots to do.

I am volunteering my time to help in this very special event. Although I am excited to be a part of this day, I am not aware, at this time, of the impact that this day will actually have on me.

I arrive at Dorval Golf Course at 7:30 a.m.

Other volunteers, as well as some golfers are arriving. We are directed to the diner, where awaiting us is a buffet breakfast fit for a King /Queen. We are given T-shirts, name tags, a nice thank you gift (lunch bag in shape of golf bag) filled with fruit, water, energy bar, cookies. In case we get hungry or thirsty while out on the golf course.

Many golfers and volunteers have arrived now. Everyone is excited to get the day started. I am taken to the course hole I have been designated to work at, along with the other volunteers I would be spending my day with. Our hole is hosting the Tooney toss, in which each golfer (who desires to do so) tosses a Tooney from a set mark and tries to get it into a bucket. If the Tooney lands in the bucket, the golfer gets his/her name put on a raffle ticket. This ticket goes into a draw. In the evening, at supper, a name will be drawn and the winner receives a beautiful golf bag. The Tooney that are tossed, whether they get into the bucket or not, are kept as additional donations towards the cause. The golfers seemed to have a great time doing this, making challenges with each other. All in all, the toss was a great success.

I can't speak for everyone, but I certainly had a great day on that course, and the from  looks I saw on all the golfers' faces that day told me that they felt as wonderful to be a part of this event as myself. Many of them upon arriving at the hole, stated that it was a wonderful event and how they look forward to it every year. It is easy to say that if they wanted to golf they could golf at anytime at any course. However, it did not take me long to realize that these men and woman were not here so much as to play golf, as they were to be a part of this benefit in which they believe so much in.

I could hear cheers from golfers as a particular foursome made their way to where we were.

It didn't take me long to realize that Brent Mingo and Bob McEwen were in the foursome, now approaching our hole. Brent just glowed, I could see he felt like a King today, and as much as he enjoys golf and being with the guys, he truly understands the cause of this benefit, and is delighted to see the many of golfers and volunteers who want to give of themselves to help others.

When everyone is finished at the golf course we all make our way to the Ceilidh, in St Anne de Bellevue on (Macdonald Campus of McGill University), where I thought everyone would be unwinding from the day's events. Well, when I arrived, I realized they were just getting started! There was a wonderful Dagwoods buffet laid out. People were getting acquainted with each other, as well as some rekindling of friendships that have grown from meeting the previous years.

Partying, dancing, and an exciting auction took place. There were speeches, tears, tears and then some more tears. It was certainly an event I will never forget and I also had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who will always be remembered.

It was a great success and I look forward to being a part of this function next year as well as doing whatever I possibly can in the meantime for this cause.

Thank you,

Mary Rowan Boucher