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                                                                                              Summary of the days events from Brent's Aunt
                                                                                                                                  August 29th 2001

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Bob McEwen, his family and many friends for an experience I shall never forget (July 20th, 2001) Seventeen years ago my sister gave me a beautiful little nephew. When she brought him home everyone came to see this newest addition to our family.

His eyes were blue like the sky on a hot summers day, soft pink skin, arms and legs kicking away, crying to be fed like any other child, a mother's pride and joy. No one knew at this time, that in a few hours we would be outside of the intensive care unit at The Montreal Children's Hospital, wondering if we would ever look into those blue eyes again. Brent was only days old when he had to be brought back to the hospital. 

Exposed to bacterial meningitis at birth he endured three operations on the brain in his first month of life. We could never know, only imagine, the heartache and sleepless nights that Kym Rowan would endure throughout the rest of her life, (as I know for many years he slept in bed, by her side while she lay and watched his little face, until her eyes could no longer stay awake).

Brent has brain abscesses, which cause him to have seizures as a result of the meningitis; he also has a disability to the right side of his body. He is a treasure that God has given to our family.

Some years ago Brent was in the hospital, which was not unusual. However the events that would follow would change not just his, but the lives of many people around him.

Let me say that I believe in God and guardian angels, his life I know, without a doubt, that God's plan was to have Brent meet the McEwen family on this particular stay at the hospital

Brent's dream was to play hockey. I believe that his desire to do so was so great that he encouraged himself to walk, run and skate. Bob, in collaboration with the John Abbott College Hockey team, made Brent's dream of being a part of a hockey team a reality. Bob is too humble a man to even realize the magnitude of what this meant to Brent and to all who know and love him.

My husband (Steve Boucher ) and I made the time in our schedules this year to help out with the annual golf tournament, which was in its third year after the John Abbott Hockey Team disbanded. We were excited to be a part of this event and honoured to share this day with Brent. I must admit that I was overwhelmed with the people, the joyous attitudes of the players, the time, work and efforts that had gone into the preparation of this event, and how smooth things went. (Wow)!

I was overwhelmed, however, at the love that shines at this event. I am proud to have been a part of this and look forward to the preparations for the next coming one.

ON a more personal note:

Bob McEwen, you are a light, you shine. You have given more than hockey and golf to Brent; you have given him hope, dreams, friendship and love. When I say thanks, it's just a portion of a deep appreciation for sharing so much goodness from your heart. Your kindnesses are a source of joy and inspiration, thanks just doesn't seem to be enough. It's just a start, so thanks, to you and your wonderful family, for happening into Brentís life, for you truly make a difference.

Yours truly,

Mary Rowan Boucher