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Mingo-McEwen Float

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Ste. Anne's Christmas

 Parade 2001


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Guivi  Sissaouri 

and Brent


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Roger Chen and 




December 2001 "A Day of Christmas" was presented in Ste. Anne de Bellevue with a marvelous assortment of floats, bands, mascots and cartoon characters. Thousands of people lined the streets to watch this nighttime spectacle and were not disappointed.

The Mingo-McEwen Float was led by Brent Mingo in the festively decorated truck driven by Dean Edwards. Appropriately, the float was filled with children and Brent's sister, Brittany, who was carefully watching her younger cousins.

The McEwen representative on the float was Kelsey Arsenault. In front near the Christmas tree sat Jordan Dupuis-Gillis, another young representative of the Mingo-McEwen Fund, his Mom, Lori. Beside them was Ariah Leroux recently recovered from surgery at the Montreal Children's Hospital, with her sister, Savannah and their friend, Kristina Straughton.

The Children waved to the crowd, calling out "Merry Christmas" and "Joyeux Noel" and being waved to in return. It was a magical time with lights, smiles, music and laughter.

Next year, there will be yet another parade with our eager committee of the Straughton, Simpson and McEwen families willing to organize the Mingo-McEwen Float again. See you there!!



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Brent and Clydesdales



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Mingo-McEwen Float



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Guivi Sissaouri


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Ecurie Legault