Golf 2001 Photos at the Ceilidh

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Prize Table Prize Table Extended Bob and Tim McEwen l-to-r (Bob, Kym, Tim and Wayne)
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Bob and Don McEwen  Attentive Ears Is she Really Asleep Andy, Brent and the Most Honest Foursome
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Brent and the Winning Foursome Ken Alexander, Jeff Russell, Ed Russenstrom and Ryan Wood Still Listening The Pub, the Beginning The Pub, the End
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Brent, Bob and Martin Silverstone Bar Staff Kim and Anita Bob and Steve Boucher Marg McEwen and some Admirers
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Bob, (Mr. Dagwoods) Spiro and  Brent Conference Time The Party went on and on and on... Bob, Brent, Chris and the Trophy
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Marg, Bob and Brent and on and on and on...... Kym Rowan and Mary Boucher The Pub Entrants
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Brent and Evan Haney Wayne and Tim Morris Cousineau Brent, Steve Brown and the signed  Maurice Richard Stick
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Bob and Evan Haney Bob, Trophy and Chris Bob's Mom and Mrs. Pilon Prize Table and Blank Cheque