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The Montreal Children's Hospital Awards of Excellence
McKesson Canada Award for Community Leadership

The McKesson Award for Community Leadership is given to a community representative for outstanding leadership and service to the MCH over a period of many years.

At the Awards Breakfast

Presentation of Award by  Mr. Claudio Bussandri.

The following is the text from the MCH Awards of Excellence brochure at the Awards breakfast.


 Acceptance Speech at the Awards Breakfast 

Compassion and commitment best describe Robert McEwen, Director of the Mingo-McEwen Fund, this year's winner of the McKesson Canada Award for Community Leadership. An Exemplary leader in education, sports, and public service, Robert began his association with the Children's when his son, Tim, underwent treatment for a serious hockey injury in the Neuroscience Ward. There. Robert met Brent Mingo, a courageous infant meningitis survivor. Brent was an avid hockey fan but could not play because of the epilepsy that ensued his meningitis episode

(l-r) from John Abbott College Glenn Ruiter, Faye LePage, Bob McEwen, from Dawson College Paddie Chiara and Kathy Simons

Thank you   Merci      Mr. Remy Girard

Today I feel very honored but very humble, standing in front of the staff, parents and children of the MCH.

You are the ones who deserve an award.


 The Staff: For all you do to make the stay of these children and parents so comfortable.


The Parents: For all you go through while your children are in this home away from home.


The Children: No matter how serious their condition is they can always put a smile on your face.

You are the reason I do what I do.


Robert's commitment to helping the Children's and to give Brent his wish gave rise to the Annual John Abbott Islanders Hockey Tournament. Brent was named honorary captain of the team. Next, Robert created the Annual Mingo-McEwen Golf Tournament, now Ste. Anne de Bellevue's' major fund raiser on behalf of The Children's. The money raised was used to help the Neuroscience Ward improve health care through the purchase of medical equipment and to give patients and family privacy and dignity by providing them with" a home away from home". 

Bob and Mrs. McEwen

  I would like to thank, the organizing committee, the Awards selection committee and a very special Thank you to my sponsor from McKesson, Canada Mr. Claudio Bussandri.

I accept this award with honor and great pride!!

 Thank you to the staff of Dawson and John Abbott Colleges who are here today, without your support MY DREAM “ The MINGO-MCEWEN FUND” would never have been able to grow to what it is today.
 As success grew, Robert saw the need for help at two additional institutions and he is now also active on behalf of the Canadian War Veteran's Hospital and the West Island Palliative Care Facility.

Thank you to the staff and especially Shirley Straughton of the Neuroscience ward, along with all the companies and individuals who wrote their sincere letters of support on my behalf for this award.

Throughout his teaching and public life, Robert has achieved what many aim for, he has rallied diverse groups of people to unite for a common cause. He is a single individual, whose actions have created a ripple effect, eventually touching an entire community, Ste. Anne de Bellevue, which has made The Children's its major fund-raising beneficiary.


l-r Kelly McEwen, Bob McEwen and Marg McEwen

Thank you to the Town of Ste. Anne de Bellevue and Mr. Bill Tierney for sponsoring a table at the Ball so that my Mom and my children, Tim and Kelly, along with Mr. Brent Mingo will be able to be with me on that very special evening.

Most of all to my wife, Marg, who without her support for the last twenty-seven (27) years I would never of been able to live out my dreams.

At this time I would like to dedicate this award to all of these people whom I have previously mentioned along with all of the ones I did not, but most of all to a man who is here today, in spirit only, my Dad.

I would like to finish off with a quote consistently said by my wife Marg, on our son’s injury of 1996…

 “Something so good has been created from something that could have been so bad”

Thank you  Merci


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