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The Mingo-McEwen Fund

The Mingo-McEwen Fund has been in existence since 1997 and is a non-profit charity that raises and distributes funds to worthy organizations and individuals that may require extra funding to buy special equipment that is not covered by their budget or any other government agency.

For the first six years our only beneficiary was the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Starting in 2002 the fund will be contributing to these organizations West Island Special Olympics, West Island Palliative Care , the Veterans Hospital of Ste. Anne’s, Centennial Regional High School,  Casey's Cause, Cheshire House and The Montreal Children’s Hospital .

Over the years we have been able to purchase such things as special beds for burn victims and surgical drills for the Children’s Hospital as well as furnishing a room for the parents of children who are in the Neurological ward. The Fund has also provided funds to build a room in the West Island Palliative Care Unit, funds to help the Cheshire Foundation build their facility and a recreation and games room at the Veteran’s Hospital.

The fund started when the two families (Mingo & McEwen) found each other in the Children’s Hospital at the same time. (In the Beginning)  From this chance meeting the Fund was born. First with Collegiate Hockey and now a celebrated (from Toronto to the United Kingdom) Golf Tournament and in March 2012 we held a Beatles Revival with the band DayTripper performing. This year (2018) we were able to allocate to the beneficiaries over $20,000 . This would bring our 19 year fund raising totals to over $920,000.

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