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Dear Sponsor;

     The Mingo-McEwen Fund has been in existence since 1997 and is a non-profit charity that raises and distributes funds to worthy organizations and individuals that may require extra funding to buy special equipment that is not covered by their budget or any other government agency

At this time the Mingo-McEwen Fund has four (4) such organizations that we are providing extra funding to: the Cheshire Foundation (a group home for special needs adults), Montreal Children’s Hospital, Ste Anne Veteran’s Hospital and the West Island Palliative Care Unit. The Mingo-McEwen Fund has also provided funding to Chreshire House

Over the years we have been able to purchase such things as special beds for burn victims and surgical drills for the Children’s Hospital as well as furnishing a room for the parents of children who are in the Neurological ward. The Fund has also provided funds to build a room in the West Island Palliative Care Unit, funds to help the Cheshire Foundation build their facility and a recreation and games room at the Veteran’s Hospital.

Since 1997 the Mingo-McEwen Fund, through its Golf Tournament, Comedy Night, and Corporate and Private Sponsors has raised over $920,000. Last year the Fund raised over $20,000 and by having you join our growing family of sponsors we hope to make this year even more rewarding for our volunteers, beneficiaries and sponsors.

This year marks our 21th  year of the golf tournament. A great way to start you being a proud sponsor is to become a hole sponsor at a cost of $300.00. If you want to become an even bigger sponsor the Fund also welcomes larger donations to cover the costs of the brunch, golf carts or even the green fees of the golfers at WindMill Heights Golf Club in ILe Perrot on July 08, 2019. (For more information on these last few items please contact us).

To recognise your generous donation, you or your company’s name will be prominently displayed on the golf course the day of the tournament. In addition the Fund will add you to our list of sponsors that is published on our website, for everyone to see, for a period of twelve (12) months.

This year's proceeds go to/Les profits de cette année seront versés à :
Childrens Hospital Cheshire House Paliative Care Veterans